Core Fundamentals Session for Soccer Goalkeepers


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Features & Benefits
  • Get a fundamental goalkeeper session that you can adapt to any skill level
  • Develop intensity, competitiveness and fitness while training goalkeeping skills
  • Produce quick, explosive diving techniques to make the big saves

with Casey Mann, Nebraska State Soccer Association Director of CoachingCasey Mann demonstrates a fundamental session for goalkeepers that can be adapted to any age or skill level.

From warm-up, to diving, to covering angles and more, this session will sharpen the skills your keepers need the most.

The warm-up concentrates on footwork, catching and diving. Through basic one and two touch drills, Mann focuses on planting and making good, clean contact with the feet. His drills train good habits for setting and preparing for the shot, attacking the ball and developing the catch.

His basic diving drill develops good technique for finding, driving, exploding to the ball and planting it into the ground. He combines these techniques with shots right at the goalkeeper to get the keepers comfortable seeing the ball off the foot and into the save. This fast-paced drill trains keepers to maintain good fundamental habits even when they’re tired.

See drills that develop decision making, covering angles, regrouping, timing, handling rebounds and more.

Throughout the DVD, Mann passes along coaching tips to advance the drills and make them more game-like. He shows how to gradually increase the speed of your drills to work on your goalie’s explosiveness while focusing on technique.

This effective session addresses such intangibles as intensity, competitiveness, decision making, fitness and more.

Give your goalies the tools they need to bring out their best and to keep the ball out of the net!

45 minutes.


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